‘Selected, puppet’ govt plunging people into poverty: Bilawal


Pakistan People’s Party chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Sunday said that the ‘selected’ and ‘puppet’ incumbent government has plunged the people into poverty.

The PPP chief’s remarks came on World Social Justice Day where he stated that ensuring

social justice was the “key to make the country peaceful, progressive and prosperous”.

He also reiterated that the PPP will begin its planned long march against rampant inflation from February 27.

He added that social justice was the cornerstone of PPP’s ideology and struggle.

“We [PPP] are working to empower the weaker sections of society, including women,” he said, emphasising that the decisions of the PPP government had enabled the weak and vulnerable to dream of a better future.

Bilawal further claimed that his party would continue to be a powerful voice for “silent citizens”.

Bilawal Bhutto appealed to every Pakistani who stands for social justice that he bears the responsibility to join the long march on February 27 to free the nation from the clutches of poverty, inflation, unemployment, extremism and victimisation.

He said the PPP would launch an ‘Awami Long March’ from February 27 against unbearable inflation hitting the poor hard, who has been dragged into poverty by the “selected and puppet” regime of Imran Khan. The PPP chairman pledged that his party will continue to be a thunderous voice for the voiceless, for the PPP was founded to play a historic role in transforming Pakistan into a role-model Muslim country with a peaceful, egalitarian and vibrant democratic society.

Bilawal reiterated the commitment of his party for enforcement and implementation of social justice for every strata of Pakistani society, adding that ensuring social justice was key to a peaceful, progressive, and prosperous country.


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