SEF brings over 0.8m children into educational framework



The Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) has successfully established 3,000 schools and 145 centres for adult education, bringing over 800,000 students into the educational framework.SEF Managing Director Abdul Kabir Kazi recently announced that the foundation is committed to bridging the education gap for countless children in the southern parts of Sindh who are poor and do not value education socially.

To achieve this, the SEF is partnering with the Government of Sindh’s Teach the World Foundation to establish 100 micro-schools for children aged seven and above.

Under this project, the SEF will help over 10,000 students acquire technical skills in micro-schools that will enable them to further their education. Additionally, the foundation will support 25 schools to bridge the learning gap and improve the quality of higher education outcomes in the province of Sindh.The SEF has also launched the People’s School Programme (PSP) in 2022 to promote education in disadvantaged communities, with English-medium schools and comprehensive high schools established in all districts of the province under public-private partnership with reputed educational institutions.

Kazi highlighted that the government of Sindh has provided modern infrastructure, age-appropriate furniture, alternative energy systems, science labs, and libraries in people’s schools. He further stated that the SEF’s unique Sindh School Education Scholarship Programme provides scholarships to students of post-primary education to study in higher and better educational institutions. Additionally, the SEF has educated 13,000 adults through 145 non-formal education centres across the province through its Adolescent and Adult Learning and Training Programme.