Seeking IMF help necessary for Govt: Naveed

Naveed Qamar

Federal Minister for Commerce and Privatization Syed Navid Qamar has blamed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan for putting the country and its people at stake for the sake of his personal political ambitions.

Talking to the media in Tando Muhammad Khan district on Sunday, Qamar said that Khan was in a state of confusion because on one hand, he was talking about going back to the National Assembly and on the other hand, he wasdemanding acceptance of resignations of his party’s MNAs. “Khan is doing the politics of anarchy and instability in thecountry,” he maintained.

Commenting on the closure of factories in the country, he said that the government was discussing the issue with the business community.

He expressed the hope that the government would not let the closures continue.

The minister acknowledged that the country was dealing with the current account deficit and the industries which depended on the imported raw materials were facing problems in production.