See latest beautiful pictures of Sania Mirza with son Izhaan Mirza Malik

Sania Mirza son

Despite coming from two nations that have never had a good relationship, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are one pair who have managed to stay together.

The pair has excelled in sports for their respective nations, with Sania Mirza recently declaring her retirement from tennis following a lengthy and successful career for India.

On the other side, Shoaib Malik is well-known in the cricket community. He was the captain of the national team and was a member of the T20 World Cup-winning side.

Sania Mirza now divides her time between India and Dubai. After finishing her sporting career, she is concentrating on other projects.

The former tennis star shares pictures with her son whenever the mother-son duo is spending time together. Here are a few of Sania Mirza’s most recent, beautiful pictures with her son Izhaan Mirza Malik:

Sania Mirza son

Sania Mirza son Sania Mirza son Sania Mirza son Sania Mirza son