Secy information highlights media’s role in promoting national solidarity


Secretary for Information and Broadcasting Shahera Shahid on Monday said the media’s role was crucial in promoting national solidarity.

Addressing a dialogue titled “Role of Mass Media in Promotion of National Unity” here at the Information Service Academy here, she said the information ministry had a close relationship with the mass media and despite facing many challenges, it had to play a critical role in modern times.

“The world is changing and we have to take along all the media,” she added.

Shahera Shahid said the ministry was organizing various events regarding Pakistan’s 75th anniversary to celebrate the creation of the country in a befitting manner.

She said ISA had organized an important discussion regarding the role of mass media in promoting national unity.

ISA Director General Saeed Javed said multiple events were being organized by the Information Academy in connection with Pakistan’s 75th anniversary.

Informative quiz programmes were also being arranged about the country’s history in which students from different educational institutions would participate, he added.

Former Federal Information Secretary Ashfaq Gondal said that the common man’s security and rights were needed to be ensured for national solidarity.

He said instead of making the education system a profitable business, it had to be aligned with the national and modern requirements.

Ahmed Talal, Hafsa Batul, Hamid Zahoor, Akhtar Javed, Sikandar Mehmood, Safdar Gardezi, Hameed Alam, Tahirim Ahsan, Sadia Aslam, Saba Yasir and Sidra Hussain participated in the discussion.

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