Second Adab Festival to be unique in character: Ameena Saiyid


Salahuddin Haider
Eminent figure Ameena Saiyid, who despite serving Oxford University Press with
unflinching commitment and dedication, but was removed from post rather unceremoniously,
announced today holding of second successive Adab Festival, which as she and other mentioned at a
press briefing here, will surely be unique in character, and have many new, innovative events.The press
conference at Arts Council of Pakistan Wednesday afternoon was attended by celebrities like Ameena
herself, Zehra Nigah, poet laureate, belonging to a family of geniuses like late Fatima Surraya Bajia,
younger brother, Ahmed Maqsood Hameedi, left for permanent abode long time ago, and Anwar
Maqsood. They all excelled in satire, fiction and playwriting, poetry, all of them institutions and legends,
by commissioner, Karachi, Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, who is also chairman of Arts Council, Arts Council
President Ahmed Shah, and a couple more.In her opening remarks, Ameena, a living legend, took
legitimate pride in reminding those present that seeds of literary activities that she had shown ten years
ago, had now grown up as tall tree, fruits of which were now available for everyone. The Karachi
Literature Festival was her innovation, but despite being ill-treated by her parent organisation, she
organized an Adab festival last year at the Governor’s House, and has now planned at the Arts Council,

for being the city’s biggest centre for arts, culture, literature, music, and the likes.The highlight of this
year’s show , starting 300 p.m. Friday 31st January, and to continue till February 2, will be creating
writing session to promote intellect among younger generations, lectures will be given on improving
writing capabilities as service to our glowing cultural heritage. Two eminent writers, from London and
Canada will be here to help those interested in fine tuning the arts of writing. Inter-active sessions will
be another special feature for question-answers which will be an improvement over past practice of
mere lecturing, Bolte Afsane from TV-One will be in discussion. She was happy that Prince Hasan Bin
Talal, once named as crown prince of Jordan, and married to Sarwat Sultana of Pakistan, sent a video
message which will be played during the festival.Over 200 speakers, in 100 sessions in three days,
including those from Germany, USA, UK, Palestine, will be among the prominent participants, besides
eminent literary personalities from Pakistan. She was happy that the festival has spread to all over
Pakistan, rural areas, universities, and perhaps schools may also benefit from its fruition. Events like
Qawwali, comedy, book reading, Urdu translation of Dr Ishrat Hussain’s book Governing the
Ungovernable .She thanked the support extended by Arts Council to which the Council president replied
that he will always keep patronizing arts and cultural activities. Mushaira (poetic recital), a part of Indo-
Pak culture since ages, Manto And Ghalib , workers and farmers, New and old styles of writing in Urdu
fiction, protest in Urdu literature will all be there as plateful of gifts for presentation to those attending,
and keen on promoting Adab and its wide branches.After all Ameena is too dedicated to take things