SCO plays significant role in economic, trade integration among member states



Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Pakistan, Aybek Arif Usmanov on Monday said that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) block had a significant role in economic and trade integration between the member countries.

He said this year, Uzbekistan took over the chairmanship of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which had a lot of challenges ahead of it. As the chair of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Uzbekistan was hosting the annual summit 2022 of the SCO Heads of State Council on September 15-16 in Samarkand, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan told APP here. Economic and trade relations among the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are very important, which will lead to economic and trade integration among these countries, he said.

The Ambassador said that the SCO meeting has been held in Uzbekistan since September 15 this year. In the upcoming conference, transit trade and commercial cooperation between members will be very important topics which will be discussed in different sessions.

He said that member countries will also talk about establishing industrial zones and in this regard, the first industrial zone of SCO countries will be established in the city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

He said that for the first time, discussions on the promotion of digital transformation and poverty reduction in the member countries will be available to the member countries to benefit from the experiences of others.

The Ambassador said that the eradication of poverty and economic development will be the main focus of this conference, which will provide an opportunity for mutual cooperation and dialogue to the member countries.—APP

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