Science diplomacy picking up pace Commonwealth to partner initiatives with COMSATS


Zubair Qureshi

Special representative of Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in South (COMSATS) ex ambassador, Shahid Kamal has said that Science Diplomacy is picking up pace in the right direction as majority of the Global South focuses on envisioning a future based on the development and progress through science diplomacy which is a fundamental tool in transforming societies.
He said this while briefing the COMSATS Executive Director, SM Junaid Zaidi on his engagements with the Commonwealth officials.
Kamal said Commonwealth had great regard for COMSATS approach of bridging gap between the developed countries and the progress starved countries of the South.
Shahid Kamal said that he represented COMSATS (accredited organization of the Commonwealth) at the Commonwealth Open Day session on ICT & Innovation last week. The session was held at the Commonwealth Secretariat at Marlborough House London. The focus of the event was on the key theme of the Heads of State/Government Meeting (CHOGM) next year at Kigali, Rwanda.
The conference provided insight into the work of the Secretariat and its partners like COMSATS on data, digital and innovation.
The four sessions covered various aspects relating role of technology and sustainable development goals, innovation and social impact, innovation hub, data platform, knowledge management, importance of data in the digital world and Commonwealth-Bloomberg collaboration. There was an interesting presentation by representative of Rwanda via skype on the Kigali Innovation City which has become a pioneer center for innovation in Africa.
Kamal added that the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Nabeel Goheer expressed appreciation for the COMSATS participation in the conference and said Commonwealth is facing challenges of working together with other organizations and there is a substantive need felt for provision of funds to keep the process in progress.
He said Commonwealth Secretariat is prepared to support holding of an event by COMSATS under the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation (CFTC) provided there is a good preparation, presence of international institutions and meaningful outcomes from the event. Lastly, a Brochure on the COMSATS Center for Climate & Sustainability (CCCS) was distributed by the Commonwealth Secretariat amongst delegates at the Conference.

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