School in Maidan Shahr built with partner organizations



With funding assistance of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA), a school was constructed in the center of Maidan Wardak for a cost of 19 million Afghanis.

“This school currently has a capacity of 500 students, and it will have a capacity of 1,000 students,” said Khalid Rahman, head of the committee.

The residents of Maidan Wardak were grateful for the construction of the school, and they asked the Islamic Emirate to remove all the restrictions on the girls’ schools above sixth grade in the coming year.

“There was no school and there were problems, therefore our children were going to school with great difficulty,” said Ahmad Salem, a resident of Maidan Wardak.

“We ask the Taliban to open schools for female students so their level of education increases,” said Abdulhaq, a resident of Maidan Wardak.

Meanwhile, officials of the education department of Maidan Wardak said that they are trying to solve the challenges facing the students.

“We rebuilt the remaining schools with the assistance of partner organizations sot that they may be used to teach our children, the people of the country, and our nation,” said Gul Wali, the director of Maidan Wardak education department.

Previously, the residents of Maidan Wardak province used their own funds to construct a school in one of the districts.—Tolonews