School children take part in Korang River clean-up drive


KKAWF & Amal Korang River water
warriors fight pollution
Zubair Qureshi

In continuation of its efforts to draw attention to Korang River water pollution and the flowing of this polluted water into Rawal Dam, Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation (KKAWF) and Amal for Life held the “Keep Korang Clean 2” event along the Korang River in Bani gala.
Together with students of various schools from Islamabad, Banigala, and the local community KKAWF joined hands on Saturday to commemorate World Water Day that is held each year on March 22nd and to clean up the portion of the river in Bani Gala, just before its entry into Rawal Lake which is the source of drinking water for the population of Rawalpindi.
Speaking on the occasion, Cristina Afridi, Chairperson KKAWF said that the intention is to inspire youth and communities to learn more about water-related issues and to take action to make a difference. She explained that water was an essential ingredient for life and water pollution was a major threat to public health. Adapting to the water effects of climate change will protect health and save lives, she said.
According to World Health Organisation (WHO), she said Pakistan is the second most affected country in the world suffering with Hepatitis and other water borne diseases, she highlighted. Unfortunately, every other house in Rawalpindi suffers from Hepatitis which is due to the unsafe drinking water coming from the Korang River. Polluted water poses a serious threat to not only human life but environment and the economy.
As concerned community members, we must share responsibility with the government to eliminate this hazard of river and water pollution, said Cristina adding on our part we must know if our house is discharging sewage in the water and where is the final destination of this solid waste.
To address it, we need a united partnership, a united waterfront. We cannot afford to wait. Everyone has a role to play. Number one priority is clean water and it is crucial to each one of us do our part. Cleaning up Korang River drive intends to also promote environmentally friendly water sports, like rowing and bird watching. With Amal for life, we are trying to implement the waste management in Banigala and we do believe that this neighborhood can be an example of best practice, she said.