School admin seeks relocation of waste water disposal station

Staff Reporter

The administration of New Covenant School System, Dawood Colony, Faisalabad, has demanded the government to relocate the Waste Water Disposal Station established adjacent to the school in the large interest of students and local population.

The school administration is of the view that the proposed project will send a negative message to the peace loving Christian minority that they are being targeted and discriminated against.

This school belongs to poor students from the Christian community who are getting education in New Covenant School System and this waste water disposal will cause multiple problems for them.

Now, after a long legal battle the Director General, Punjab Environmental Protection Agency, has canceled / revoked the Environmental Approval on account of non-compliance of the environmental conditions imperilling the health of children and nearby community by the Wasa Faisalabad.

But, despite cancellation of Environmental Approval, the Wasa authorities, Faisalabad have been operating the disposal station in flagrant violation of the orders passed by DG Environment Punjab on 19th of February, 2021.

Bishop Iftikhar Indryas, the founding chairman of New Covenant School System states that “I reiterate my commitment to continue the struggle for justice.

I will go to any extent to achieve the goal; the best educational environment is the right of children.

Will leave no stone unturned to ensure justice is done to children of NCSS and Community of Dawood Colony at large.