SCBA condemns postponement of Punjab elections


The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has strongly condemned the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) decision to postpone the April 30 elections in Punjab, terming it an ‘absolute abrogation of the Constitution’. In a statement, SCBA president Abid Zuberi said that while condemning the ECP’s move said that the Election Commission cannot change the date for elections under any circumstances whatsoever. “The Supreme Court had made it inexplicably clear that elections had to be held within the 90-day time period stipulated under Article 224 (2) of the Constitution. However, it is unfortunate that the Election Commission has acted in such blatant disregard of its Constitutional mandate and the order of apex court,” Zuberi said.— INP

He noted that there was no such provision in the Election Act or the Constitution that allows the Election Commission to conduct elections beyond the 90-day time period stipulated Article 224 (2) of the Constitution.

“It is truly unfortunate to see that the Election Commission has grossly misinterpreted the Constitution, the law and order of the Supreme Court,” he said, adding that the ECP has acted in excess of jurisdiction and “breached its constitutional mandate”.

The SCBA president warned that such violation of the Constitution can only lead to utter “chaos and anarchy” in the country. “Given the current political and economic crises in the country, restoration of democracy and timely elections are the need of the hour”, he maintained.— INP