SC buried doctrine of necessity for good: Shehbaz


Maryam urges SC to order ‘arrest of PM Imran’

Opposition Leader of National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday said that Supreme Court of Pakistan has buried doctrine of necessity for good. At the beginning of Shehbaz’s speech, several of the PTI MNAs started interrupting his speech by chanting slogans.

Shehbaz told the speaker to conduct the session as per the order of the Supreme Court and added that today, the Opposition will oust the “selected” prime minister by adopting a lawful and constitutional procedure. He also thanked the opposition leadership for struggling against the erroneous ruling, the fruits of which the country was seeing. Shehbaz told the speaker to let bygones be bygones and to stand for the law and the Constitution. He urged the speaker to play his role and to have his name “written in history in golden words”. “You must cash in on this moment with conviction and with your heart and your mind. Don’t go on the dictation of the selected prime minister,” he urged Qaiser, adding that the apex court’s directives were clear.

Responding to Shehbaz’s earnest plea, Qaiser assured the opposition leader that he would conduct proceedings according to the law and the Constitution. “[But] the important thing is that there has been talk of an international conspiracy. This should also be discussed,” he said.

This prompted Shehbaz to tell the speaker that he would be violating the court’s directives if he would go down that road. He also read out the court’s directives regarding the convening of the session.

“Under the court’s directives, you are bound to take up this agenda item and no other item. That is the intent of the order and you cannot deviate from it,” he said, calling on the speaker to hold voting on the motion forthwith.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Muslim League-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Saturday urged the Supreme Court to take an immediate suo moto notice of “brazen violation of its decision” and order arrests of Prime Minister Imran Khan, National Assembly speaker and deputy speaker.

“Bureaucracy/administrations should refuse to comply with any orders coming from the government,” she wrote on her official Twitter handle.

Earlier, in another tweet, Maryam said that Imran Khan should not be treated as prime minister or ex-prime minister, he must be treated as a “psychopath” who just to save his own skin is holding the entire country.


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