SBP introduces advance calendar of MPC meetings

SBP keeps policy rate unchanged at 7% for next two months
Staff Reporter

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has decided to begin announcing a half-yearly schedule of Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meetings on a rolling basis for making the process of monetary policy formulation more predictable and transparent.

In a press statement issued here on Thursday, dates for the next four meetings were also announced by SBP following international best practices.

The first MPC meeting envisaged would be held on Friday, May 28, the next MPC meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, July 27 , the 3rd MPC meeting would take place on Monday, September 20.

The MPC would convene the last meeting of the calendar year 2021 on Friday, November 26. It is pertinent to mention that a minimum of 6 MPC meetings are scheduled every year.

In addition, the MPC can convene emergency meetings during the intervening period, if required.


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