Saved each and single penny of nation, PM Shehbaz tells court

PM Shehbaz

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday claimed that he had saved each and single penny of the national exchequer and always tried to provide relief to the people.

Speaking in the rostrum of Lahore’s Special Central Court where he had gone in connection with the hearing of a money laundering case against him, he said for 10 years he served Punjab as the province’s chief minister. “I did my best to protect the resources of the country’s largest province,” PM Shehbaz said, and added never ever in the country’s history he announced a subsidy for the sugar mills’ owners.

And when he became the country’s prime minister, he went on to add, he took some tough decisions so much so that he even put his political future at stake. “Had I not taken these decisions, the country could have defaulted,” he added.

He informed the court that he was receiving letters for the export of sugar. “But I have not accepted these requests. This is despite the fact that the country can earn dollars from the export of the commodity. And we need dollars,” he said, and added, “But since I am aware that if sugar is exported, these will be the poor people who will suffer, I simply refused.”

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