SAU Vice Chancellor awards degree to scholar


The Vice Chancellor Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam Prof. Dr. Faateh Marri Friday awarded Ph.D. degree to scholar Imran Ali Chandio as he successfully defended his research thesis on “Development of Efficient Method and Schedule of Nitrogen Application for Sunflower.”

The edible oil is the second largest imported item in Pakistan after petroleum products, Imran Ali Chandio of Department of Agronomy Sindh Agriculture University said while briefing the Vice Chancellor. He added that the importance of edible oil in the human diet could not be ignored but the use of substandard oil has negative health effects.

The scholar said that agriculture in the country was facing various issues and the need for oil in human diet and lack of quality oil was a major problem.

He said local production of edible oil in the country was very low, therefore, edible oil and food items were imported from other countries to fulfill the demand, which had been costing the country a huge amount. He said that the country had have a lot of agricultural resources which could be used to meet the shortage of oil.

The Vice Chancellor, while speaking on the occasion, said that the shortage of domestically produced edible oil was an important issue as the country was paying huge bills on its import. The agricultural scientists and farmers of the country should work together to cultivate oil crops, pulses and other food crops besides developing new varieties and pure seeds so that the local production of edible oil could be increased.


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