Sassui visits newly discovered Thatta caves


Ex Sindh minister for archaeology and tourism department, PPP leader and ex senator Madame Sassui Palijo has conducted her visit at the newly discovered caves located close to her home town Jungshahi in Marou mountain range’ which had been discovered due runing excavations work to K4 canal by some excavating machines.

Although the caves have been denied to be manmade by a archaeology department team and termed natural and created by rainy water brooklet.

Really the suddenly discovered caves have astonished area men who were considering might these have been made by man in older time same time some inexperienced people were also stating that these might have been made by men due to human evolution period.

Meanwhile all the rumours succumbed when a team led by director antiques Fatih Shiekh arrived here and ruled out all sush rumours regarding to believe that these are manmade.—Our Correspondent

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