Sassui lashes out at IRSA, Centre over water crisis


PPP Senator Sassui Palijo has said that Sindh is once again deprived of its due share of water following obduracy of the federal as well as Punjab government but people of Sindh would keep raising the voice for their right.

Hitting out at the federal Government the senior leader of the Pakistan People Party said that Sindh was facing a drought-like situation on account of the despotic attitude of the PTI Government adding that IRSA was acting in line with the direction of the Federal government.

“The Larr region of Sindh is confronting the worst water crisis including the coastal areas where agricultural lands have turned infertile because of non-supply of irrigation water to these areas” she bemoaned.

She said that the representative of IRSA had written a letter to the Chairman apprising him of the water crisis being prevalent in Sindh and calling for the cessation of water supply to Punjab through illegal means.

Expressing distrust she said the letter would perhaps not bring encouraging results for Sindh.—APP