SAPM criticizes judiciary over ‘lopsided judgments’


Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Malik Ahmed Khan on Thursday criticized the superior judiciary for what he called the last six years’ “lopsided judgments” that he claimed demonstrated favouritism and interfered with the country’s politics.

Speaking to the media, he cited 16 specific cases, including those involving Hanif Abbasi and Zulfi Bukhari, and argued that the decisions delivered in the last six years have had a significant impact on the political history of the country.

He referred to a tweet by senior journalist Talat Hussain, who asserted that certain judgments of the superior judiciary have had a negative impact on the country’s politics.

According to Khan, the purpose of some of these judgments was to remove former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from power while benefiting the leaders of the PTI. He called on the Chief Justice to form a larger bench to review and possibly overturn certain decisions.

SAPM contended that Nawaz Sharif was unfairly disqualified for life in the Panama case on weak grounds, and criticized the court’s remarks as being inadequate.

He further alleged that Shahzad Akbar and National Accountability Bureau were tasked with removing Nawaz Sharif from the political arena to make way for Imran Khan and that Saqib Nisar cleared Imran Khan of any wrongdoing and helped him attain power.

He claimed that Saqib Nisar’s son was caught selling PTI party tickets and that the Supreme Court appeared to have favoured one player to attain power. He criticized the PTI for turning Punjab into a desert and diverting funds to Taunsa Sharif, the former Chief Minister’s constituency.