Sana stresses polls at same date for country’s economic stability

Rana Sanaullah arrest

Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said on Tuesday the entire country was facing a chaos-like situation due to a case in the apex court about the Punjab elections date. He said a forensic audit of a recently leaked audio conversation between two women should be carried out to clear the situation.

Addressing the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) workers at Chardaywalla village here, he said some people were claiming that the purported conversation was a private talk between two housewives. “How come it could be called private talk if the women were discussing a most sensitive and important issue of the country,” the minister said. He said this issue should be handled wisely. He said controversial elections in 1971 had divided the country, and the controversial elections in 1977 caused eruption of terrorism in Pakistan. He said one woman in the leaked audio was clearly supporting a political party and urging the superior court judges to announce a favourable verdict. Therefore, it could not be called a private and personal conversation, he added.

The rejected rejected the allegations that the PMLN was trying to avoid elections, and added that it was only a propaganda by the opponents. “We are fully prepared to participate in elections, but our demand is that the electoral process for all assemblies must be held simultaneously for economic stability in the country,” he added.

Meanwhile, speaking at a public gathering at Nathu Chak Aminpur Road on Tuesday, he said the PTI promoted hatred and politics of victimisation during its four-year rule in addition to inflicting irreparable loss on the national economy. He said that during the PMLN tenure, flour was available at Rs 35 per kilogram, sugar at Rs 50-kg while dollar was available for around Rs 110-112. He said former premier Imran Khan reached a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which triggered an unrestrained inflation.—APP