Salaam Takaful Ltd continues its legacy, will distribute another surplus to participants


Salaam Takaful Limited, the largest dedicated general takaful operator and the first Islamic Insurtech in Pakistan, announced yet another payment of surplus to an eligible group of their policyholders, under Shariah guidelines.

Backed by their unprecedented growth and emergence as the leader in their field, the company has continued its legacy as not only being the first, but also the only general takaful company in Pakistan to initiate this process of surplus sharing with its participants.

Surplus sharing is a unique benefit of the Takaful concept in comparison to conventional insurance, which not only protects policyholders against unforeseen circumstances but also qualifies them for a share in the achieved surplus of the fund based on the performance of Participants’ Takaful Fund (PTF).

Rizwan Hussain, CEO- Salaam Takaful Limited, on this occasion quoted, “Alhamdulillah, we are pleased to be the first and only takaful operator in Pakistan to distribute surplus to policy holders in general takaful category, reflecting the true spirit of Takaful’s concept.

We started this initiative last year and Alhamdulillah are able to continue this year as well.

Our aim is to uphold the belief in shariah-compliant solutions and resonate the fact that Takaful indeed in a better alternate to insurance. We value the trust of our customers and partners and will continue to hold them at the heart of our business with a responsible approach, high standards of services, and access to best practices of takaful with complete transparency.”

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