Safi organises college activity, provides certificate



Hamdard SAFI is one of the oldest and most trusted brand names in the mind of consumers. SAFI Syrup was launched in 1948 by Hakim Mohd Said Sahab. In simple words, SAFI syrup is a blood purifier. Thousands of People are taking benefit from this product for the last many decades.

Hamdard SAFI as a brand talks about women’s strength, respect, and happiness. By keeping brand values Hamdard SAFI is going to different colleges of females to empower females through Personality type sessions. This women empowerment movement’s name is “Khud of Pehchano”. This starts in Karachi under the supervision of Mr. Farhan Hussain (Brand Manager) where the teams went to different colleges in Karachi and make them aware of their personality type. After the successful completion of the campaign in Karachi.

Hamdard SAFI took the campaign to Lahore and visited different female colleges and thousands of females took advantage of that campaign and were aware of their own personality types. Not only this Hamdard SAFI also provide free skin test service to students in this regard Hamdard Matab sent the Tabiba who visited all the colleges and diagnosis the skin and recommend them the tips and prescribe medicine free of cost.

Furthermore, Hamdard SAFI also provides certificates and gifts to motivate the students to move forward in life by using their own strengths.  Moreover, there are engagement activities that were also arranged for the students like the Photobooth, Hit the weakness game, And Dart game.


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