Safe city projects ready for Muzaffarabad and Bagh


Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Abdul Qayum Niazi will inaugurate the safe city projects in Muzaffarabad and Bagh in the coming week. At least 40 cameras have been installed and ten cameras will be at entry points in Bagh.

According to Azad Kashmir IG Sohail Tajik, the Women Protection Desk has been set up in every police station across AJK.

Superintendents of police from ten districts will take public complaints for one hour daily and station house officers for two hours daily.

According to IG Sohail Tajik, there will be an online session for the complaints of overseas Kashmiris. At least, 17 facility centers are being set up in AJK and for the first time in history a women police station is being set up.—INP

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