Saba Qamar shares a powerful message on mental health in latest video


Prominent actor Saba Qamar got real about mental health issues and raised awareness about it in her latest video.
The starlet has received an overwhelming response for the creative and informative content she has been putting up on her YouTube channel since its launch.
She has tackled issues such as misogyny and gossip-mongering in the four episodes released so far. In some videos, she has used satire to convey her point. However, her latest video on mental health issues is hard-hitting and powerful and leaves the audience to contemplate.
The video starts with different shots of Qamar in distress and pain as she recalls all those people who lost their battle against depression or committed suicide which sparked up a conversation about mental health.
“How many lives will we take?”, Qamar asks as she mentions the names of Anam Tanoli, Rushaan Farrukh, Qurutulain Ali, and Sushant Singh Rajput.
She then goes onto ask “Akhir kab hum insaan ko insaan samjheingay (When will we consider a human a human).” She questioned why we make fun of people’s physical appearance, or bring them down if they are flawless from the outside, belittle them through our words without realizing how mere words can affect or trigger them.

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