RWMC starts cleanliness campaign for Muharram


Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC) Sunday started its special cleanliness campaign for Muharram ul Haram besides deploying additional sanitary workers.

According to RWMC spokesman, a comprehensive cleanliness plan had been devised for Muharram and Ashura day, while the holidays of all the staff of RWMC had been cancelled on Muharram 9 and 10th.

He informed all Imambargahas, procession routes and their vicinity were being cleaned; the waste containers were also emptied. In addition, the construction material or debris was also being removed from the routes of the procession and its adjacent areas. He said relief camps had been set up at various points of the city for regularly carrying out the cleanliness work until the conclusion of Ashura’s day processions.

He said two control rooms had also been set up at Municipal Corporation and Deputy Commissioner offices that would look after the entire operation.

Meanwhile, he added that RWMC organized a walk to create an awareness about the hazards of the dengue virus in the Chak Jalal Din area.

He said the communication teams distributed waste bags and pamphlets in various city areas to highlight the importance of cleanliness and dengue prevention.

To eradicate dengue larvae, comprehensive Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) and an action plan were being followed, and weekly reports were being submitted to the city district government and the government of Punjab.

The spokesman called upon the residents to keep an eye on junkyards, schools and under-construction buildings, which lead to the spread of dengue larvae and leave no place wet or stagnant water.

He said, “We will continue such activities in the coming days since the issue is severe and linked with public health. Keeping our surroundings clean will only help improve society,” he added.


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