Rwandan plane veers off runway at Entebbe airport


A plane belonging to Rwanda Air veered off the runway at Entebbe International Airport in the wee hours of Wednesday morning as it landed.

According to the Uganda Civil Aviation Author-ity (UCAA), the incident happened at 5:31 am as the Rwanda Air CRJ 9 aircraft flight number 464 land.

UCAA attribute the accident to bad weather. “All the passengers were disembarked safely and the situation is under control. The second (alternate) runway 12/30 is operational for small and light air-craft,” UCAA announced.

“All efforts are underway to remove the aircraft from the runway strip so that the main runway can return to full use,” they added. Entebbe airport, despite its location close to Lake Victoria, has largely been safe.

Last year, a Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) jet ranger helicopter crashed near the old airport in Entebbe, killing Capt Caroline Busingye.—AP


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