Russia-Taliban diplomatic ties


TALIBAN government in Afghanistan is still not recognized by the any country in the world. However it appears to be working to beat international isolation by opening diplomatic ties with neighbouring countries and others, with an eye to gain formal recognition.

The regime has gained an important success at the international level as the Russian Foreign Ministry has accredited Taliban diplomat Jamal Nasir Gharwal as Afghan Charge D’Affaires in Moscow.

In a statement, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that her country regards this as a step towards the resumption of full fledged diplomatic contacts.

At present, though Russia is faced with tough situation due to its conflict with Ukraine, yet it is a very important and powerful country which has a say in the international affairs.

Hence its establishment of diplomatic ties with the Afghan regime certainly will encourage other countries as well to follow the suit.

We welcome the Russian step as engagement with the Afghan regime is the only way forward to address not only the problems of Afghan people but also the concerns the international community has be it related to human rights, education of girls or any other.

The fact of the matter is that in recent months, the Taliban have shown some serious commitment to come up to the expectations of the world community.

Most recently, it banned the cultivation of opium poppy, which is used as a raw material to produce illicit drugs like heroin.

However this decision can only be implemented in letter and spirit if the important capitals also come forward and extend both technical and financial support to the Afghan farmers to convert to other cash crops.

Already the situation is very dire in the war torn country as people are facing food shortage and moving to neighbouring countries including Pakistan.

In order to avert a mass exodus, the international community must live up to its commitments of extending humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people.

Recognizing the Taliban government and opening trade and economic relations with Afghanistan will benefit the common people and end their economic hardships.

Sanctions will not work rather further plunge the country into crisis. Better sense must prevail to save the life of Afghan people including children.


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