Russia lifts ban on tomato imports from more Azerbaijani enterprises


Russia’s agriculture watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has lifted the ban on tomatoes imports for eight more Azerbaijani enterprises, Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency has reported.

In order to remove the existing import restrictions, Rosselkhoznadzor in cooperation with Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency conducts video inspections of Azerbaijani enterprises to determine whether they are infected with tomato moth.

So far, relevant Russian authority lifted the ban on import for 82 tomatoes and 46 apples producers companies operating in Azerbaijan.

Currently, the export potential of enterprises that are allowed to export tomatoes is 236,948 tons, which is 131.6 percent of the 179,956 tons of tomato products exported to Russia last year.

Ros selkhoznad zo r banned the import of Azerbaijani tomatoes and apples on December 10, citing the necessity to “prevent the import and spread” of pesticides to Russia.—AFP

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