Rural residents forced to bring sick children to Kabul


Due to lack of health centers, Afghan families are obliged to bring their children to Kabul for medical treatment.

They called on the Islamic Emirate to provide health facilities in the provinces.A TOLOnews reporter went to Indira Gandhi Children Hospital to interview patients and relatives.

Farzad, 4, was brought to this hospital by his father. “There are no facilities for children, especially in places where it is a district, there are no facilities, if there are facilities, why should we come all this way to bring them here from such a far distance,” said Farid, Farzad’s father.

“We ask the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to pay attention in all areas,” said Hekmat, father of a patient.

“As a mother, I want them to serve my child and help all the needy people,” said Waheeda, mother of a patient.

This comes as the doctors said that more than 800 children are being referred to the hospital’s various sections.

“This is why we have a lot of patients coming from the provinces. In the provinces, we don’t have the kind of centers that we have in Kabul,” said Hifazatullah Haqyar Safi, an official of the Indira Gandhi Children Hospital.

The Ministry of Public Health said that it has been trying to establish hospitals in four zones of the country.

“In Kabul, we currently have the Children’s Health Hospital. In other provinces, we have identified children’s hospitals, but it is hoped that we will have special children’s hospitals in each zone, which will be a standard center for children in the care and treatment department,” said Sharaf.

This comes as thousands of Afghans take their patients abroad for medical treatment.—Tolonews