Rulers least concerned about problems of masses: Haleem


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI senior leader and leader of opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Shiekh has said that the country is facing more crisis with every passing day and people are protesting over price hike but the imported rulers are least concerned about these pressing problems.

Addressing a press conference in Sindh Assembly, he said that in the darkness of nights anti-people conspiracies were hatched in Bilawal House and Governor House. He said the Governor House is made a new Nine Zero. He said new delimitations is not the real issue of MQM but its real issue is getting due share from corruption money. He said a MP of MQM raises slogan of ‘Let us eat together’ on the floor of Sindh Assembly. He said this is the real motive of the PPP and MQM. These both parties are responsible for destruction of the megacity Karachi and now they are again hatching conspiracy to plunge the megacity into darkness.

He said when 13 parties of the PDM could not compete PTI; the MQM even after unification of its three factions could not compete it. He said MQM would be politically wiped off from Karachi in coming polls.

He said in elections of 2018 PTI was winning with a simple majority but its seats were given to some other parties on pretext of fault in RTS system.

He said citizens of Karachi have rendered great sacrifices for Pakistan. He said present delimitation were done to give benefit to the PPP. However, now both MQM and PPP are running away from the general elections.

He said Imran Khan would visit Sindh in the mid of January. He said Sindh badly needs a change. The people of Sindh should be freed from oppressors.

He said Bilawal Zardari has kindly visited Dadu after coming from America. He said Bilawal should tell people where are 199 plane loads of relief goods and Rs130 billion received in aid for flood affectees. He said flood affectees are still sitting on roads in many towns. He said no houses for them are being built though a dog house is being built in Bilawal House. He said the PPP leaders are busy in horse trading in Sindh House and Lahore.