Rs3.27 per unit raise in power tariff for Karachi consumers


The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) Thursday approved Rs3.27 per unit increase in the electricity prices on account of monthly fuel cost adjustment. According to a notification issued by the Nepra, the increase in the electricity prices will be applied to April bills.

The power consumers of Karachi will have to bear an additional burden of Rs 3.58 billion due to increase in the electricity prices. Meanwhile, the Nepra also conducted a hearing on the proposal for a Rs4.68 increase in electricity prices on account of monthly fuel cost adjustment for the month of February.

“The prime minister’s relief package will not put an additional burden on the power consumers,” says the Nepra Chairman. “14 per cent less electricity was generated through hydel energy in the month of February,” said the Nepra officials and added that the shortfall was offset by furnace oil and LNG production.

Nepra Sindh member Rafiq Sheikh demanded an audit of the previous fuel adjustment, stating that there was always a huge difference between the statistical data of Cppa and Nepra. “Violation of merit order put a burden of Rs1.37 billion on the power consumers,” the Nepra officials said. “LNG shortage has caused the power consumers to bear a burden of Rs1.37 billion,” they added. “All this collectively put an additional burden of 17 paisa per unit on the power consumers,” they stated.—INP


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