Rs2b fine collected in Sindh-wide crackdown against profiteering


As many as 13,000 shopkeepers and vendors were charged with fine amounting to over Rs 2 billion for over-charging across the Sindh province during holy month of Ramzan so far.

Special Assistant to the Sindh Chief Minister for Bureau of Supply and Prices Dr. Khatu Mal Jeewan here on Sunday informed through a handout that teams constituted by district administrations launched a crackdown to check profiteering and hoarding across the province so that availability of essential commodities could be ensured at reasonable prices.

According to a report compiled by Bureau of Supply and Prices, more than 76,000 groceries, fruit and vegetable shops and other food vendors have been checked across the province so far.

During the operation, a fine of more than Rs 2 billion was imposed on more than 13,000 vendors across the province for non-availability of official price list and profiteering.

The report further said that more than 3000 profiteers in Karachi division were fined Rs 1.885 billion while over 3000 profiteers in Hyderabad division were fined more than Rs 3,443,000.

In Larkana division, 1625 profiteers were fined more than Rs 7.85 million, in Mirpurkhas division 1677 profiteers were fined more than Rs 2.28 million.

In Shaheed Benazirabad 1888 profiteers were fined more than Rs 1.523 million, the report said, adding that 2100 profiteers in Sukkur division were fined over Rs 1.496 million.

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