Rs28b transferred to Pakistan: UK NCA


The United Kingdom’s National
Crime Agency has
transferred to Pakistan Rs28
billion obtained through a
settlement with a Pakistani
citizen in a civil lawsuit, a
spokesperson said Friday.
The NCA spokesperson
confirmed that the agency
had transferred the amount
but declined to give any further
information about
where the money had been
deposited, reports a news
Special Assistant to the
Prime Minister on Accountability
Shahzad Akbar said
that the government had requested
the State Bank for
the Rs28 billion so that it
could be spent the money
on the poor. “The government
has signed a document
due to which it cannot re-
Rs28b transferred
to Pakistan: UK NCA
veal any more details about
this matter,” he said.
A £190m out-of-court
settlement with UK’s crime
agency and a Pakistani citizen
was announced by the
NCA on Thursday. An immovable
property worth £50
million was also included
in the settlement.“In August
2019 eight account
freezing orders were secured
at Westminster
Magistrates’ Court in connection
with funds totalling
around £120 million.
These followed an earlier
freezing order in December
2018 linked to the same investigation
for £20 million.
All of the account freezing
orders relate to money
held in UK bank accounts,”
read a statement from the
NCA. The UK crime
agency had said that all
assets would be returned