Row over no trust numbers



REGARDLESS of weeks of meetings, opposition parties have so far failed to submit the much hyped no confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan in the National Assembly.

While they claim to have secured the support of sufficient members from PTI’s ranks, they appear to be reluctant to show their cards.

Government, on the other hand, also appears optimistic to defeat any move on part of opposition.

Chairing a meeting on Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan was confident that the allies stand by him and that they have completed the homework to defeat the no confidence motion.

It indeed is the game of numbers where challenge for opposition parties is to show the support of 172 members in the lower house to make the no confidence motion successful and defeat the Prime Minister.

As the situation stands now, government appears to be in a comfortable position.

Though off and on some dissenting voices are heard within the PTI but ever since opposition parties have ratchet up campaign against the government, these voices have also died down.

There may be some who are willing to support opposition but floor crossing will not be easy for them as doing so will also trigger a disqualification clause against them.

While current uncertain situation may suit opposition, but it is not in the interest of country already faced with multiple economic challenges.

Hence, we will ask opposition to review its policy and refrain from reviving bitter politics of the past.

Even if it is bent upon bringing no confidence motion, then it must go ahead with it instead of hiding behind deadlines.

Before doing so they must also understand that failure will bring them more embarrassment and even if they succeed, it will also set a bad precedent for future politics.

Continuity and political stability should not be put at stake for sake of petty vested interests.

Dialogue is the only way to defuse current political tension and give a positive message about the country.


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