Role of religious scholars on, offshore | By Nighat Leghari


Role of religious scholars on, offshore 

WHILE staying in Denmark, one day I was passing through a road in my routine walk, I saw an upcoming group of youngsters on the same road, pushing their suitcases with their hand grip.

They were almost loitering with fatigue and a fed-up look. My curious nature instigated me to inquire about their plight.

I stopped them courteously and asked where they were coming from in this wretched condition? One of them sneeringly answered, from India. Had you been there for an excursion?

Having shown a little reluctance, they depicted to me that they are working doctors and engineers when they get tired or depressed with work or personal matters.

Every year, they go to India to visit their mentors to seek peace of mind. Our mentors are Hindus who have given up their worldly life.

They apprise us how to gain peace of mind and spiritual solace through meditation and also trained us in “Yoga” which is a corporal exercise.

Their assertion gave me a shocking jerk why these youngsters did not choose the Muslim Mentors who keep the genuine and DIVINE knowledge about the mankind and its all related affairs.

A crying debate arose in my head and heart but I kept myself balanced and asked them concisely, so you people conceived this wisdom and are you feeling peaceful?

They collectively answered “a little bit”. I asked if they would like to come to my place nearby. You all have dinner with me and we will discuss this higher hyper sensitive matter on the table.

To my great astonishment they all accompanied me to my place. I gave an elementary explanation about Islam and then elaborated the salient features of my faith.

They all listened to me very attentively. I said I don’t want or wish you to convert to my faith. I just want to explain to you that Islam is the only faith which is for all the mankind in this Universe and it encompasses all the matters and affairs to mankind.

It is totally a Divine scripture and gateway to all guidance and a perfect body of teachings. Our Divine Book Quran keeps all the knowledge of self-discovery and self-actualization to human beings.

As the author of this book Quran is Almighty Allah Himself this is why it is delivered to us in its original and accurate form.

The Bearer of this Diving Book is a person Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who is the keepsaker of this book.

He was named as the most honest person. He lived a very sacred and pious life. He in his early youth used to confine himself in a cave (which is prominently called Cave Hira) for meditation for days and months long.

Then He was selected as Prophet of Allah. Explaining more about Islam I told them that Islam is the only faith which is in total harmony with the nature of human being and its environment.

Islam does not favor asceticism, it gives all the opportunity to avail all the variation of pleasures which God has bestowed upon him, but within the circles which Islam has drawn for him.

Islam revealed all the knowledge related to mankind. This knowledge provides man all that feelings which make its life easy, comfortable and free of all evils.

God has fixed a few rules and regulations upon man but when human beings disregard or cast away these commands, He, the Almighty, in a token of His wrath sends to man catastrophes and epidemics from heavens.

In Spite of all scientific advancement the man feels helpless to stop the Heaven hand. After having delivered this speech to them I went into a deep meditation about my Muslim mentors.

They no doubt go to the many non-Muslim (including Europe and USA) countries for preaching. I think they go only to earn attention, facilities and monetary benefits.

Moreover, they explain to these non-Muslim about the outdated rituals and rites with which we are historically addicted to it or lyrical recitation of Quran.

Our Ulema have played a role of Amenities; they did not deliver all those teachings of Quran which give fulfilment to human beings.

Our Ulema delivered to the people only the corporal prayer and not the spiritual on which made the people uncomfortable and confused and they disregard the basic rules and regulations fixed on us our Ulema specifically have been indulged in politics and worldly temptations to that extent that they have no times to deliver faith education to youth.

In whole of the world all the religious scholars of any faith have dedicated their live for only the preaching and spread of their respective faith.

Only in Pakistan our religious scholars are indulged and involved in politics and many other activities of the state.

In 18th century in France a Parliament was made up comprising the religious scholars this was called “esate general Parliament” these priests attained all the privileges and spent very luxurious lives but soon the people of France felt that these priests have brought a big bad change to France soon ended the Govt. of priests.

A truthful life can never make us morbid physically or spiritually, we all should be mindful of this faith. It rises us up to salvation. All glory to Allah.

—The writer is senior journalist, based in Germany.


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