Robotics, STEAM weekend camp to start at NUST


“Robotics and STEAM Weekend Camp” will kick off at National University of Science and Technology (NUST) from November 13 (Sunday) to provide skill-based fun learning opportunities for the students aged 8-14.

The camp to be arranged by ‘LearnOBots’ will serve as an insightful activity for the kids who intend to gain scientific knowledge and discover innovations.

The camp will be held on every Sunday where the students will be given an opportunity to explore the domains of Science and Technology and discover their passion. The activities include robotics, coding, electronics, engineering, game development, application development, computer programming, 3D modeling and printing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, creating digital art, renewable energy resources, home inventions, professional development, and blogging.

The online courses are also offered for the students who live in the far flung areas of the country and cannot physically join the camp. LearnOBots is a private educational company based at National Science and Technology Park, which gives ‘hands-on training’ to kids in the domain of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM). The company help kids to identify their passion and channelize it into a productive activity through making exciting stuff, create new things and find solutions to real life problems.

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