Robbers disguised as cops loot foreigner at Sea view


The street crime in Karachi seems unstoppable and now a foreigner who was visiting Pakistan to attend a marriage ceremony has been looted at Sea View by robbers disguised as cops.

According to details, an FIR has been registered against the street crime incident in district South in which the complainant said that his son-in-law and his friend, who was visiting Pakistan from the United Kingdom, went to a money changer in Clifton to exchange 1000 British Pounds.

“While they were on their way home, they were intercepted by a white vehicle by men posing as cops, erecting a barricade,” he said and added, “in the guise of checking, the robbers took the money from them and ran away.”

Meanwhile, the police said that they were investigating the case of snatching from the foreigner from all angles.

A complete failure of law enforcers to counter an alarming rise in street crimes in Karachi has been witnessed as 13 citizens were killed so far during 11,000 reported incidents in just one and half months of 2022.

Collected records of street crime incidents in Karachi since the beginning of 2022 that revealed the shocking rise in lawlessness due to the failure of Karachi police.

Thirteen citizens including police officials and a journalist have lost their lives so far for resisting robberies, whereas, the reported dacoities during the past 1.5 months were 11,000. More than 80 persons got injured for resisting robberies in the port city.

According to the latest statistics, 3,845 mobile phones were snatched in Karachi from January 1 to February 17, 672 motorcycles and 20 cars. The number of vehicles snatched by street criminals was other than the stolen cars and motorcycles.

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