Road safety laws can prevent RTCs: Rizwan


The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) has so far rescued 84681 emergencies victims while responding to 82652 emergencies across Punjab in the May, 2020. Out of these, 453 people were killed throughout the Punjab in which 335 people who lost their lives in road traffic crashes while 118 people died drowning emergencies during last month.
Rescue Punjab DG Dr Rizwan Naseer expressed these views while presiding over a monthly performance review meeting held at Rescue Headquarters on Tuesday. All the heads of wings of Rescue Headquarters and academy were also present at the occasion.
The meeting was informed that a total of 84681 were rescued 82652 victims of emergencies during the month of May 2020. Out of these emergencies, 2,62,96 were road traffic accidents, 4,29,31 medical emergencies, 1,830 fire incidents, 2,991 crimes, 192 drowning incidents, 38 building collapses seven explosions and 8,357 miscellaneous operations.
The data revealed that the majority of fire incidents occurred in major cities, involving 377 fires in Lahore, 165 in Faisalabad, 91 Rawalpindi, 101 in Gujranwala, 97 in Multan, 79 in Sialkot, 47 in RY Khan, 46 in Bahawalpur, 35 in Sargodha and 19 in Okara. Similarly, 4610 traffic accidents were reported in Lahore, 2499 in Faisalabad, 2041 in Multan, 1443 in Gujranwala, 861 in Rawalpindi, 1032 in Sahiwal and 1008 in Bahawalpur.
While addressing the meeting, the DG expressed grave concern over 453 precious lives lost in both emergencies of road traffic crashes and drowning emergencies in Punjab. He vowed that a great number of road traffic crashes can be prevented through adopting necessary road safety measures and road safety laws. He appealed the parents that they should never allow their children for taking bath at rivers/canals and other high-risk areas for swimming to safe their children live from drowning emergencies.
He especially requested the motorbike drivers to drive extremely carefully because almost 80percent accidents injuries are occurred due to the involvement of motorbikes. DG urged the citizen that only a timely call at 1122 in case of any emergency can ensure the timely response to the emergency.