Rising mercury levels increase demand of refreshing juices, falooda ice cream


The rising mercury levels are increasing the demand of fresh juices and kulfi falooda ice cream amongst the masses in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

According to a survey report, a large number of vendors has set up their temporary stalls alongside major roads elsewhere in country to attract the citizens for such delights.

Dozens of temporary mobile carts have been set up by vendors where summer beverages are being sold.

“Summer is the best season for sales because due to the rise in mercury the number of customers especially youngsters were seen enjoying local traditional beverages on roads and shops,” said a shopkeeper while talking to a private news channel.

A customer while commenting said that my family specially kids cannot restrain themselves from eating ice cream and other delights in summer due to its delicious flavors.

Demand for cold drinks, juices and dairy beverages, such as “lassi usually goes up in summer for the rise of mercury, said a road side vendor.

A roadside kulfi vendor said that pedestrians and motorists alike stopped by his cart and fought the heat by eating Kulfi ice cream.

As kulfi falooda is one of the most popular chilled traditional desserts in summer and vendors related to this business are earning double, said a shopkeeper.

Ice cream is an international dessert which is always available in various forms for those with a sweet tooth, said a youngster.

With the arrival of summer various ice cream parlous and vendors in streets can be found offering a wide range of flavors from the basic such as pistachio, caramel, chocolate, mango to more exotic ones like strawberry cheese, chocolate mint, said a street vendor selling Ice cream.

An “Imli and Aaloo Bukhara” drink stall holder said that the juice was better than any other packaged juices and free from any kinds of chemicals.

Imli and Aaloo Bukhara drink was refreshing and was beneficial for the human body, said another customer on road.

Furthermore, ENT specialist recommended that citizens should consume more fresh juices during the summer season to overcome salt deficiency which typically arises due to excessive sweating.

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