Rising Islamophobia in Modi’s India | By Waseem Shabbir


Rising Islamophobia in Modi’s India

THE recent incident of blasphemy in India has sparked a fierce wave of indignation amongst all Muslims of the world.

Reportedly two high officials of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) named Nupur Sharma & Jindal used blasphemous language against our beloved Prophet (PBUH) which provoked the sentiments of 204 million Indian Muslims.

Out of fury, Muslims in India took to streets in various cities to protest against this act of desecration.

Muslim rallies were callously targeted and lynched by both Indian police and (RSS) rascals. As per reports two Muslims have been martyred.

Mosques are being attacked brutally and Indian government is fully focused on contracting the soil for Muslims to live there peacefully.

However, despite strongest resistance from Police and RSS paramilitary forces, riots are not coming to an end.

Rallies are being carried out in large numbers with full vigour. The continuous turbulence and turmoil in Kolkata, Uttar Paradesh and other major cities has worsened the situation in India.

A furious reaction was also seen in other Muslim countries against this blasphemous act.

Pakistani government officially condemned and recorded its protest before Indian diplomat and cautioned India from committing such impious acts against our religious values.

Moreover, the Gulf Cooperation Council of six Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Qatar protested against this profane act and intimidated India of boycotting its goods that will severely affect Indian economy if it does not take action against these BJP members who passed derogatory remarks.

Although by succumbing to the pressure from GCC countries, Indian government has fired these two top officials yet the protests in India are gaining momentum day by day.

Iran also condemned this act and warned Indian of using this derogatory language against our Prophet (PBUH).

Largest ever rallies were also seen in Bangladesh against this un sacred incident in India.

Thus, this irreverent incident has created a backlash in India leading towards an unpleasant situation, consequences of which would be devastating.

Here India’s high-held rhetoric of secularism is increasingly falling apart by their growing prejudice against our peaceful religion ISLAM.

I believe, the religious values of any section must not be hit rather they must be respected. Therefore, the recent blasphemous act is the blatant violation of Indian Constitution as well for it guarantees every religion including Islam to be practised freely.

Islamophobia is not a new thing in India, it has its traces in the history of the subcontinent.

However, PM Modi is the first person who largely used this Islamophobic card in order to prolong his rule upon 1.38 billion Indian population.

He shrewdly sowed abomination in the hearts of Hindus against Islam just for the sake of garnering populace support.

Modi is unmysteriously the product of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS); an organisation that holds vicious track record of its brutality and oppression against Muslims and widely known for its old tactic of mob lynching which is not hidden from anyone.

This paramilitary organisation was established in 1925.Since the beginning of his political career, Modi had been an active member of (RSS).

Islamophobia has always been a central feature of this Hindu nationalist faction. Founder of this paramilitary organisation Keshav Baliram once proclaimed “Hindu Culture” is the life-breath of this country.

RSS appointed Modi to BJP in 1985 and in 2001 he became Chief Minister of Gujarat. Modi’s “Hindu Culture” credentials absolutely match with that of Keshave Baliram.

In his every move, Modi follows the footprints of Keshave. Under his reign, a merciless ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Gujarat had occurred in 2002.

As per estimates, 2000 Muslims were killed and more than 2000 Muslim’s homes were destroyed and 150000 people were displaced.

Since 2014, Islamophobia has become matter of state policy.Now the question is why is India growing extremely anti-Muslim & Islam under Modi’s rule?

There are numerous factors to answer this question.First, promoting Hindutva ideology has been the central point since Modi came to power.

Therefore, he propagated Islamophobia throughout India with full blow.Second, another cause behind Islamophobia is Hindus’ resentment towards Muslims since we parted with them as a separate state.

Third, Modi wants to establish his absolute supremacy upon Indian Muslims.That’s why he is strongly engaged in debilitating the position of Muslims through Islamophobia.

Fourth, the fast growing Islam in India is the cause of concern for Modi’s government.Thus, they want to put a barrier before its expansion via defaming our religion by issuing derogatory statements.

Fifth, the growing population of India’s Muslims is another cause of worry for India’s government.

Eliminating this increasing Muslim population through mob lynching or ethnic cleansing is part of Indian government policy.

Reports reveal, by 2085 Hindu Muslim population will be equal in india.So they don’t wish Muslims to be stronger again.

Sixth, another cause of abhorrence towards Muslims’ is Hindus grudge and malice against Muslims to be ruled by them for more than eight centuries.

In hate against Muslims and their religion Islam, we see, brutalising Muslims falsely on the name of cow slaughtering has become a norm in Modi’s India.

Moreover, Muslim girls are forced not to wear Hijaab is what does not comply with India as a democratic and secular state.

On 22 March,2022 High Court of Karnatak state officially put a ban on wearing veil which is entirely illegitimate and shameless.

If such illicit practices can occur in a country with world’s largest democracy then what impression will the smaller democracies get?

In 2019, the Modi government enacted Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) that is solely aimed at excluding Muslims from Indian citizenship.

This draconian move resulted in large-scale protests & riots which fascist Modi ruthlessly suppressed.

Modi’s despise against Muslims never ends here.On 5 August,2019, he unilaterally illegally abrogated Article 370 and 35A; the former of which grants Kashmiris a semi autonomous status and latter prevents Indian citizens to buy property or land in occupied Kashmir.

This is the stark violation of Muslims rights.To encapsulate, by mere condemnations and protests on twitters by the world leaders will not do away with rising Islamophobi in India and the world.

Taking some concrete and practical measures is the need of this high time.Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) comprising 57 Muslim states has to play its pivotal role in bridling Modi’s government from passing blasphemous comments in the grandeur of our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

If Arab world stops trading with India, it can bring Indian government to its knees. UNO also needs to awake from its deep slumber to take a strict action against India for using blasphemous language which injured the Muslim sentiments all over the world.

Amnesty International has also to play its decisive part to ward off Indian government from committing such abominable acts of blasphemy.

Last but not the least, we the Muslim countries have to prioritise Islam and dignity of the last prophet (PBUH) over our personal, economic and political interests.

This is the least that might help in convincing Indian government to honour our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

—The writer is a freelsance columnist based in Gujranwala.