Rihanna’s tweet sparks fuel on Indian mindset Is Rihanna Muslim? Is Rihanna Pakistani? Indians Googling after her tweet on farmers’ protest



Within minutes of that single tweet, a huge spike in Google trends was seen, as people Googled to find who she really was. Meanwhile, while Indians shared their opinion on what they thought of Rihanna’s tweet, many rushed to Google to search about her. Amid the usual searches, the one that stood out is – ‘Is Rihanna Muslim?’ Is Rihanna Pakistani and ‘Rihanna religion.’

On Tuesday, Rihanna tweeted a news article about the internet blockade in Delhi that followed after clashes between the protesting farmers and the police.
Indian trolls have started taking aim at Barbados singer Rihanna after she tweeted on the farmer’s protest, urging people to start a conversation about her. Some Pakistanis on Twitter took the opportunity to craft witty memes that take aim at India’s Pakistan-phobia anytime something happens in their country.

BJP and Indian trolls on Twitter started firing shots at Rihanna after her tweet inspired the likes of Greta Thunberg and Meena Harris to also raise their voices for the farmer’s protest.
Pakistani Twitterati, on the other hand, did what they do best in these situations— craft witty memes at the expense of the Indians.

Taking to Twitter, many people reminded the extremist BJP trolls that Rihanna was not a paid Pakistani agent and neither was she a Pakistani national.

Turns out, a BJP member on Twitter actually thinks Rihanna is a Pakistani. Rimmel Mohydin had something to say about that. Hours after a tweet by pop superstar Rihanna drew global attention to the cause of protesting farmers, India launched an unprecedented backlash against the Barbadian singer.

The ministry of external affairs released a formal statement criticizing “celebrities and others” for their “neither accurate nor responsible” comments, and top ministers and celebrities tweeted against “propaganda” that threatened India’s unity.—Agencies

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