‘Rickshaw driver’ wins on PTI ticket, Rashid says

Sheikh Rashid
Observer Report

Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Sunday announced that even a poor rickshaw driver” on PTI ticket has defeated his strong opponents in Azad Kashmir elections from Rawalpindi.

Speaking to the journalists outside Lal Haveli in Rawalpindi on Sunday, the interior minister brushed aside the rumours regarding the appointment of FC and Rangers during the AJK polls.

“Being as the interior minister, I did not appoint any FC and Rangers. If anyone proves it, I am responsible. Our city has a tradition that we do not fight during the elections,” he added.

Predicting PM Imran Khan’s next government in AJK after victory in election, Sheikh Rashid said that Sindh should also be prepared for next. “One day PTI government will be formed in Sindh too,” he maintained.

He said that elections are easy in the big cities. “I had said in Lahore yesterday that I would announce the results at seven o clock. Imran Khan is going to do the world’s historical work in Pakistan.”

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