Rick Allen, Scottish climber dies in K2 summit

Rick Allen, Scottish climber dies in K2 summit

According to media reports, a Scottish climber, Rick Allen, is feared to have died in an avalanche on K2 after attempting a new route to the summit.

On the mountain’s southeast face, Rick Allen, 68, was trapped in an avalanche. To earn money for a development charity, he tried the new route on K2. The charity Partners Relief and Development confirmed Mountaineer’s death.

In a Facebook post, the charity said, “It is with great sadness to announce that Rick Allen, a member of the board of Partners Relief & Development UK and also a great friend, has died whilst attempted a new route on K2, the world’s second-highest mountain.

“All members of the board send our condolences to Rick’s family. A fuller statement will be issued once we have more news and when we have had time to consider how we can best give thanks for Rick’s contribution to our work and his legacy,” it read.

The Foreign Office of the United Kingdom said that it was aware of allegations that a British citizen died while climbing K2.

Jordi Tosas of Spain and Stephan Keck of Austria, Allen’s climbing companions, were apparently retrieved without serious injury.

Allen was previously believed dead after falling from an ice cliff attempting a solo ascent to the top of Pakistan’s Broad Peak in 2018. His bag, though, was ultimately discovered by a chef at the mountain’s base camp, and a drone was used to find him and direct rescuers to him.

K2 is the world’s second tallest peak, standing at 8,611 metres (28,251 feet). It is also considered to be one of the most challenging and hazardous to limb.

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