Revival of cotton is our first priority: Gardezi


Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi chaired the first meeting to review about the current situation of cotton after assuming the charge of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In the meeting, the severity and nature of control of pests attacking on the cotton crop including IPM plots was reviewed. On this occasion, Provincial Minister Hussain Jahanian Gardezi said that revival of cotton is our first priority because the cotton crop supports the country’s economy.

Most of the agricultural economy depends on this crop. Last year with better team work we were able to revive the cotton crop. This is the reason why cotton has been cultivated on more area this year. The provincial agriculture minister further said that the future of cotton is linked to IPM.

Implementation of IPM not only increases the yield but also significantly reduces the cost of the farmers. He further said that the months of August, September are very crucial for better care of cotton. Agriculture department should guide the farmers to ensure the cotton production target.

He said that regular fortnightly meetings will be held in the future to review the cotton situation.

He said that beneficial insects bred in biological laboratories are being provided free of cost to the farmers. On this occasion Saqib Ali Ateel Secretary Agriculture South Punjab while briefing the Minister of Agriculture Punjab said that monitors have been appointed in all the districts of cotton cultivation to review the activities of cotton, who are visiting their respective areas regularly and cotton.

Share status reports. He further said that this season better strategy and management will have a positive impact on crop production. So far, 275% more production than the April sown crop is being achieved, if this trend continues, the production target will be achieved easily.

Delayed application of agrochemicals on the cotton crop in the early days resulted in an increase in the number of friendly insects and keeping harmful insects below the economic threshold. He said that despite the natural calamities, better production is being obtained from the crop planted in April. He said that 121 IPM cotton exhibition plots were planted last year.

As a result of growing confidence of farmers in IPM, 235 IPM demonstration plots of cotton have been planted this year covering an area of 2,000 acres, which are in excellent condition and yielding better yields. He further said that the cotton crop is facing various challenges due to heat wave and abnormal rainfall.

About 80 thousand acres have been affected due to the heat wave and about 71 thousand acres due to rains and floods. The crop has been under pressure due to lack of water and high temperature in March and April. In spite of this, 10 to 30 manna per acre is being obtained from the cultivated crop. In the meeting, Additional Secretary Agriculture South Punjab (Admin) Syed Naveed Alam, Director General Pest Warning Rana Faqir Hussain, Director Cotton Dr. Sagheer Ahmed, Deputy Director Agricultural Information Punjab Naveed Asmat Kahloon and others participated.


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