KARACHI: In line with the governing laws, rules, and regulations of the Government of Pakistan and NEPRA, various changes have been made to the rates of electricity and tariff structure that will be effective from July and applicable nationwide including on consumers in KE’s service territory. The determination of costs of electricity to be recovered from consumers across Pakistan in their bills comes under jurisdiction of NEPRA and the Government of Pakistan.

The changes include the non-extension of relief for zero-rated industries as well as the relief on peak-hour electricity consumption for industrial consumers.

The retailer tax with revised slabs has been introduced for commercial consumers.

Non-Time of Use residential consumers will also see a revision in their applicable tariff along with a change in the methodology for their calculation.

As per SRO 1004 dated 7th July 2022, the tariff rates and slab structure for tariff of unprotected non-ToU residential consumers (i.e. consumers with sanctioned load below 5kW) has changed.

“Protected” consumers, as per tariff terms proposed by GoP under its Power Subsidy Rationalization Plan and by NEPRA as those non-ToU residential consumers with monthly electricity usage of 200 units or less, consistently for the past 6 months. All other non-ToU residential consumers fall in unprotected category.

Previously, category of unprotected consumers were provided the benefit of one previous slab in their billing (i.e. their billing was done in two slabs), which has now been removed. Consumers in the unprotected category will now only be charged on one slab in which their units fall. Accordingly, tariff rates have also been adjusted downwards to minimise impact on consumers.


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