Restructuring of PCB aims at making it worlds top cricket board Preferred to work on less salary to serve cricket: MD PCB



Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Managing Director Wasim Khan Monday said that restructuring of the board aimed at turning it to world’s top cricket board in the next five years. ‘We have evolved a long-term plan by introducing a performance based formula to assess performance of every department of the PCB,’ he told media here on Monday at Gaddafi Stadium.
In his first interaction with the media, Wasim made it clear that the PCB is very clear about its development plan and only right people for the right job will be retained in the PCB setup. ‘We will be setting different targets for each department and will evaluate the overall performance of the PCB and its allied departments on yearly basis to know where we stand as compared to other cricket board which are role model for us because of their high quality performance and managerial and administrative polices,’ he said.
The PCB official said the task is quite challenging as never before such reforms and restructuring was introduced in the PCB and all such efforts will be focusing it to make it world top cricket board in years to come.
Managing Director, Pakistan Cricket Board, Wasim Khan said here on Monday that he preferred to take up responsibility in the Pakistan Cricket Board on less salary to serve Pakistan cricket. Leicestershire CEO Khan said, ‘I was doing good in England as I was drawing hefty salary and benefits as the Chief Executive Officer of the Leicestershire county and I decided to quit the job to serve Pakistan cricket by accepting lesser salary and privileges,’ said Wasim a former cricketer who played 58 first-class matches between 1992 and 2002.
He said he always welcomed positive criticism but a section of the media had launched a negative campaign against him presenting a wrong perception and picture about his salary and benefits while accepting the job in PCB.
‘It (negative media campaign) is not going to serve any purpose nor will discourage me in any manner, I have taken up the responsibility in PCB to revamp Pakistan cricket and to make PCB a role model body in cricket playing boards,’ he said. He said it was not an easy decision to leave the life style of England and to move to Pakistan but he accepted it to play his due role for the overall betterment of cricket Pakistan.—APP

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