Responsible attitude vital to ensure safe road environment: SSP

City Reporter

The road users should demonstrate responsible attitude and take care of others’ rights because it was the only way to ensure safe road environment and overcome accidents.

It was stated by Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Syed Karar Hussain while addressing the participants of two-day road safety workshop held for the staffers of private organization ‘Hagler Bailly’.

Managing Director of company Vaqar Zakaria attended the concluding ceremony while more than 50 persons attended the workshop and were educated about traffic rules.

The education team of ITP briefed the participants on the history of the force, targets given to the ITP and its achievements, safety measures while walking along the road, road crossing code, causes of accidents and how to protect oneself, defensive driving and its requirements, practice to prevent risky situations on road, planning for a long journey, positioning vehicle or lane discipline, right of way on junctions and road markings, safe overtaking, traffic sign boards and traffic light signals and perils of using mobile phone while driving.

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