Residents seek alternative energy solutions amid gas shortage



Residents of twin cities are adopting alternative energy solutions due to low pressure and an interrupted supply of natural gas.

Talking to APP here on Monday, an expert on renewable energy Rana Tauseef Iqbal said that alternative energy solutions were becoming popular in the country as gas reservoirs were shrinking.

He said pellet stoves were in demand during the winter season owing to a shortage of natural gas, adding that pellet stove burns compressed wood or biomass pellets to create a source of heat for residential and sometimes industrial spaces.

Tauseef said pellet stoves use a 12-volt fan to regulate the heat and the smoke emitted from the stove is almost zero. He underlined that being an agricultural country, Pakistan had been producing immense biomass that could be converted into energy at a minimal cost.

He said biomass such as wood chips, wood pallets, wood shavings, grass, tree leaves, branches, cow dung, and vegetable waste could be used for the production of energy. Describing the other important alternative solution, he said that the gasification plant was a technology that could benefit Pakistan.—APP