Residents demand shifting butcher, poultry shops out of Chitral bazaar


The inhabitants of historical Chitral bazaars on Sunday demanded from the district administration to shift the butchers and poultry shops to give a clean look to the foreign and local tourists coming to the districts from all over the world.

Chitral is a tourism sport where Tourists of tourists vising from all over the country as well as a lrge number of domestic tourist also coming to Chitral.

But due to the stench emanating from the meat and poultry shops in Chitral Bazaar, the passers-by and these tourists are also facing a lot of difficulties. Medical experts say that there is a risk of zoonotic diseases due to the presence of these shops near food stalls.

Chitral is a beautiful district and touristic spot where tourists from all over the world including from all provinces of Pakistan coming to watch Kalash festivals, Shandor Polo festival, Broghul Festival and Qaqlasht festival etc.

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