Residents complain continuous supply of contaminated water



Residents of the city have complained of contaminated water to be supplied in their areas posing a question mark on the efficiency of the concerned authorities.
The areas included Waris Khan, Arya Mohallah, Dhoke Khaba, Umer Road, Nadeem Colony, Dhoke Elahi Bukush and some other localities. A resident of Dhoke Elahi Bukush, Arshad Malik said polluted water was being supplied in their area for last several month.
”We have to fetch clean drinking water from far flung areas to meet the daily needs,” he said adding, they have registered a complain a number of times but no one paid heed to their genuine issue.
A household woman, Asma from Nadeem Colony expressed her deep concern that a big amount of the budget was allocated on the name of providing clean drinking water to residents but they were getting polluted water continuously.
She said the water was not even useable for washing purposes. Another complainant, Naeem from Umer Road said due to muddy and polluted water, they had to purchase mineral water, which was very costly and extra burden on their pockets.—APP